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By and for Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz interior designers create and realise interior concepts for both series production vehicles and show cars as well as futuristic visions. Creative design concepts are conceived and implemented not only in Sindelfingen, but also by the Advanced Interieur Design Studio in Como. The designers are responsible for the entire process chain, from creation of the design through to finalisation of accurate data models and execution of series production vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz interior designer at the drawing board.
Interior of a vehicle of Mercedes-Benz.

Finest nuances are decisive.

The designers create the interior design of all model series of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, which also includes the seats, doors, roof liners and dashboard with controls. For each task, they require a variety of specialists, such as automotive, product, textile and fashion designers. Specialists in surface finish create both the colours and all the material qualities for the interior. From grained leather to metal-weaves to the lustre of each individual surface, every detail is carefully selected and coordinated. Although it is often the finest of nuances that are decisive, the form and design idiom of each model is constantly redefined.