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Giving free rein to the imagination.

The Advanced Design Studios are creative spaces where designers can think freely without directly having to consider series production. In Carlsbad, California, designers develop the exterior of show cars, vehicle studies and mobility concepts of tomorrow and beyond. The typical Californian way of life influences the site as well as its proximity to Hollywood. Consequently a special form of creativity flourishes in Carlsbad which uncovers new perspectives and is also evident in Mercedes-Benz series design.

Identifying and adopting trends.

An additional objective of the studio is to identify trends and transfer ideas from the American automotive world, which can be very different to its European counterpart.

However, the unique Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity is recognizable in all of the Studio´s projects. In this process, Carlsbad works together closely with the other Advanced Design Studios.

Design concepts from the Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad leave their mark on Mercedes-Benz series production design quite often – as with the Mercedes-AMG GT.