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View of the interior of a state-of-the-art, digitally networked car, as envisaged by Mercedes-Benz.

Digital content in and around the vehicle.

Digital Graphic & Corporate Design is responsible for the design, creative development and implementation of all digital content in and around the vehicle, as well as for a uniform corporate design for all of the company's corporate brands. The department is also in charge of designing non-automotive products. Digital networking is having a growing impact on more and more areas of our lives and increasingly defines the entire perception of brands and their products. The digitalisation of the cars and whole world of Mercedes-Benz brands necessitate a completely new understanding and extensive expertise in order to be able to develop original and worthwhile ideas.

Bringing innovative technology to life.

In Sindelfingen, Sunnyvale and at other locations, different design teams – including interface designers, interaction designers and user experience designers – design digital experiences involving humans, vehicles and their environment, with a focus on future Mercedes-Benz cars. They work on series production vehicles, concept vehicles and research vehicles, as well as on other digital applications. The design teams develop innovative content, concepts, visualisations and prototypes for every aspect of the vehicles.

Animations on the windscreen, as envisaged by Mercedes-Benz designers for the vehicles of the future.

While doing this, they generate added value, incorporate valuable input from consumer electronics and bring innovative technologies to life.

In a networked Mercedes-Benz, information about the vehicle is provided in a way that contributes to an entirely new Mercedes-Benz user experience.

Mercedes-Benz user experience.

In the past, drivers simply operated and controlled the car – hence the traditional “control and display concept” – but now there is a dialogue between driver and vehicle. The car gets to know its driver more and more closely, can provide active support and minimise stress, leaving the driver free to concentrate on the essentials. In short: the car becomes a friend. This leads to a completely new and fascinating interaction, which is called the Mercedes-Benz user experience.

When creating these digital worlds, it is important to generate a unique “Mercedes sense of well-being” with regard to appearance and touch and feel, combining the intelligence of the digital media with sensuality and the joy of using. This is entirely in keeping with the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of “sensual purity”, which reflects the core of the brand: the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence.

Animation of Mercedes-Benz branding that might be used at a trade fair.

Corporate design: holistic approach.

The central role of the Corporate Design department is to create visual forms of expression for the Daimler Group and all of its brands – for all itself –, and to distinguish them from one another. The focus is on an integrated design approach: the “holistic brand design”.

This requires a consistent appearance for all products, visual and communication media, leading to a unified brand experience at all traditional and digital touchpoints between customers and company – based on the vehicle that defines the style.

Sketch of a yacht featuring a Mercedes-Benz design.

Design defines brand perception.

Brand and design are directly related, because the design embodies the emotion of the brand's core values and thus defines the brand perception. The Mercedes-Benz designers have formalised this dialogue between brand and design in the design codes, which define the style of the brand. Together with the other Daimler design studios the designers base their design strategies on these codes and work closely with all relevant units to develop this holistic design approach across all product and communication divisions.

A world of modern luxury.

Beyond the vehicles themselves, the Mercedes-Benz designers also design a wide range of products for selected licensed partners which carry the distinctive, progressive design language of “sensual purity” into other product areas and spheres of life such as mobility, lifestyle and interior design. This increases brand awareness among the general public and creates a platform for progressive business models.

The Mercedes-Benz designers carry the design language of aesthetic clarity forward to other product areas, such as here in the interior design.

Distinctive design, uncompromising quality and selected materials, combined with perfect build quality, demonstrate the claim for aesthetics and luxury, and create a holistic world of modern luxury, which is the hallmark of the Mercedes-Benz brand.