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The network.

The Advanced Design Studio in Sindelfingen is where Mercedes-Benz design ideas are forged. Beauty acquires deeper significance by embodying a future vision. Designers in Sindelfingen are inspired by this motto on a daily basis and work on the automotive portfolio of the future.

They transfer personal and cultural inspirations to visions of future mobility and let their ideas roam free in the process: this is where show cars, research vehicles, product and design suggestions are born. It is where the decision is made about the brand's design idiom in 20 or 30 years.

The role of the design centres across the globe is to detect future trends.

Antennas around the world.

All the other strands from the other Advanced Design Studios around the globe also come together in Sindelfingen. This is ensured by maintaining close and regular contact: the heads of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design centres in Italy, China and the USA are regularly invited to Germany. As a rule, all take part in the early stages of a vehicle project. International influences are also evident in series production design.