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Various elements of the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research car originate from the Advanced Design Center in Sunnyvale.

Active exchange, mutual inspiration.

The Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Sunnyvale forms part of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. The site is ideal for close collaboration between experts from different specialist areas: not only is the proximity to nearby world-class universities Stanford or Berkeley an advantage, the many local high-tech companies create a lively dialogue and teams are able to motivate each other and pick up on trends, as a result of which many ideas have made it to current show cars and series production vehicles.

Innovative design for tomorrow’s car.

Experts at the Advanced Design Studios in Sunnyvale concentrate on the design of digital automotive user experiences as well as interactions and specialise in control experiences for future Mercedes-Benz vehicles, concept and research vehicles as well as other, digital applications. Designers develop innovative contents, concepts, visualisations and prototypes within the context of vehicles together with engineers. Teams also develop and implement strategies, taking into account social, cultural and technological trends.

At the UX research centre in Sunnyvale, every aspect of the human-machine-environment relationship is examined in minute detail.

In addition, the teams develop and implement strategies which take into account social, cultural and technological trends.