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Entry and exit aids – convenient and safe.

Primarily intended for wheelchair users and people with problems and limitations in the hip and pelvic area, the entry and exit aids are a true asset. They help you preserve a great deal of your autonomy and independence in everyday life.

“Turny-Evo” swivel seat.

The swivel, lowering and lifting movements of the latest generation of the “Turny-Evo” are powered by an electric motor and can be operated using a remote control. The end position for lowering the seat is programmable and provides a comfortable way of getting in and out on the passenger side. The “Turny-Evo” seat bears CE and E European labelling, is crash-tested and approved for a lifting capacity of up to 331 lbs/ 150 kilogrammes.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Aids: Turny-Evo Swivel Seat.
Mercedes-Benz Driving Aids: Entrance guard.

Entrance guard.

The Entrance guard with a dual function: It protects the door sills from damage and scratching; and it also ensures your clothing will not be marked when getting in and out of the vehicle. Thanks to a clever folding design, the entrance guard can be stored in the footwell next to the sill and can thus be tucked neatly out of the way.