• Race debut in Diriyah.

The dawn of a new era.

After 125 years of motorsport, we are about to open a new chapter in its successful racing history with the Diriyah E-Prix scheduled to take place this coming weekend. The two Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow 01s driven by Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries will be competing in the electric racing series for the first time. It truly is the dawn of a new era.

What’s new in season six?

  • For every minute of interruption to normal racing (safety car, Full Course Yellow), each car will have 1 kWh deducted from its available energy reserves. This puts energy efficiency even more in the foreground. In addition, the clock will be stopped in the event of an interruption to proceedings, which will ensure that the E-Prix goes the full distance.    


  • The so-called Attack Mode is also being slightly changed this season. If this overtaking aid is activated by the car driving over three detector strips located off the racing line, the driver benefits from a time-limited power boost. The maximum power of this boost after activation will be 235 kW instead of 225 kW. 


Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow 01 is optimised by mechanics
Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow 01 Racing on a track
  • There is also an innovation in the scoring system: the fastest drivers in each qualifying group receive an extra point. The pole-sitter continues to benefit from the three bonus points. In the race itself, the points are awarded on the same basis as in Formula 1, i.e. from first to tenth place. There is another extra point for the fastest race lap, but only if the driver posting it has finished within the Top Ten.

Ian James.

“Finally, the day has come that everyone in the team has been working towards. Our two cars will make their first competitive outing this week. We’ve worked hard over the last twelve months to devise the best possible setup and achieve the necessary consistency for our race debut at Diriyah.

The season opener is not the end of this journey but rather the beginning. We are conscious of our status as beginners. We therefore have to learn quickly from errors as they occur and to continue developing as a team. Consequently, we will be aiming to make our learning curve as steep as possible.

But no matter how this first race turns out for us, I would like to express my gratitude here and now to the entire team for their tireless efforts. What I’ve experienced over the past few months has been the epitome of commitment in terms of teamwork.”

Ian James giving an Interview
Stoffel Vandoorne in the box

Stoffel Vandoorne.

“We’re finally back in action. We have a long summer break behind us, during which time we had a lot to do. We did plenty of testing, and we got ourselves prepared as a team for the start of the season. I can hardly wait to get racing again. Testing is very nice, but it’s good to be switching back to race mode and to see where we are compared to the other teams. It’s not going to be easy, and it is hard to make any sort of forecast. We have to stay focused and try not to make mistakes. If we manage to do that, we should be in with a chance of a decent result.”

Nyck de Vries.

“I’m very excited about competing in Formula E as a team for the first time and finding out how we shape up on our debut. After testing and the preparation time, I have the feeling that we have bonded together well as a team in the past few weeks. Now I’m ready to race again and to go up against our opponents on the track.”

Nyck de Vries in the box
EQC on a street in the forrest

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