How Technological Curiosity Inspires Our Next Leap

Curiosity is at the forefront of any great discovery. And that’s why our exploration of electric mobility begins with a simple question: what if technology could change the world? For there is only one way to find out what the future holds — bringing tomorrow’s technology to life, today.

vision avtra standing in a garage with lights on

At Mercedes-EQ, we expand our growing passenger car fleet as much as we revolutionize engineering itself. 

But nothing quite represents our ambition as vividly as the breathtaking VISION AVTR: Merging human characteristics and technological features with natural inspiration, our vision of what the future might look like takes center stage. Uniquely reacting to its environment, this concept car can move in any direction by utilizing its individually powered wheels. And what’s more: implementing the latest tech, its battery is entirely recyclable.

That’s how, today and tomorrow, electric mobility, progressive luxury and true sustainability go hand in hand.

mercedes-eq silver arrow 02 standing in a garage

At Mercedes-Benz, we have been using motorsports as a test bed for innovative technology for over a century, and this era is no different.

In Formula E, we accelerate electric mobility by going head-to-head with our peers and battle-hardening the solutions that, one day soon, might just be roaming public streets. 

Taking the Mercedes-EQ Silver Arrow 02 around the tracks of this world, we help a new, global audience discover that electrification promises not only excitement, but progress. Because at top speeds of 280 kph through the heart of some of the world’s most prestigious cities, one message stands out above all else: electric mobility is here to stay.

eqs standing in a garage

Progressive luxury is an aspiration to be met: in the all-new EQS, our daring innovations culminate in our most advanced passenger car yet.

From a seamless silhouette to dual-axis steering, the 2021 newcomer redefines personal mobility and shines as a true beacon of things to come: augmented reality displays and autonomous driving are only two of the many aspects of progress at Mercedes-EQ that this model will enable. And, naturally, the latest MBUX technology makes driving the EQS an experience to behold.

After all, merging visionary ambitions with real-world execution is a powerful approach. And that’s why, at Mercedes-EQ, Technological Curiosity is the only way forward.

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