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The ABB FIA Formula E Championship has its own very special rules & regulations, that make participating in the series a challenge and watching it an unique experience.

To provide you with the basics on how to play, lose and win in the championship, just dive in our FEQ section and let Gary and Ian give you the insights. 

Entering Formula E.

  • What is the ABB FIA Formula E Championship?
  • Where are the races?
  • Why did Mercedes-Benz enter the ABB FIA Formula E Championship?
Gary Paffett explaining why Mercedes-Benz entered the Formula E
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Team & Car.

  • Who is the team?
  • Why is the car called Batmobile?
  • What is the difference between the cars?
Gary Paffett introducing the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team and the Car
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  • What is Attack Mode?
  • What is Fanboost?
Ian James and Gary Paffett explaining the attack mode
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The Championship.

  • How does Qualifiying work?
  • What is the Superpole Shoot Out?
  • What is the E-Prix and how long is it?
  • How do you become the overall winner?
Ian James and Gary Paffett explaining the championship
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Point System

Awarded points to the top-10 finishers
1st 25 Points
2nd 18 Points
3rd 15 Points
4th 12 Points
5th 10 Points
6th 8 Points
7th 6 Points
8th 4 Points
9th 2 Points
10th 1 Point
Extra Points
Pole Position 3 Points
Fastest Lap (if finished in top-10) 1 Point

Race Day Format


The day before the main event (most of the time its friday) a shakedown session is held. This time is used by the teams to check the cars electronic systems and the reliablity.


Every raceday has two practice session which are 45 and 30 minutes long. The sessions are timed so that the teams can test their setups under competitive conditions - even though the results do not count.


The drivers are split in four groups with six drivers each. Every driver has 6 minutes to set his best time. The top-six drivers of this groupstage go into the Super Pole shoot-out where every driver goes for one more lap. The winner does not only get the pole position but also three points for the drivers championship.


Every E-Prix lasts 45 minutes plus one lap. During the race the drivers can make use of two unique tools:

Attack Mode: To get the Attack Mode a driver has to leave the racing line and drive through the activation zone. The reward for taking the slower line is an extra 35kW of power for a few laps.

Fanboost: If rewarded by the fans, the drivers can activate their Fanboost for five seconds in the second half of the race giving them an extra power boost.


Every driver can only use two sets of tyres for each raceday including shakedown, practice, qualifiying and the race.

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