• Are you ready for e-mobility?

EQ Ready app.

Are you ready for e-mobility? Find out with the new EQ Ready app.

This free smartphone app will show you whether switching to an electric car or a hybrid model is a viable option. To this end, the app records the distances you cover with your vehicle – no matter which brand – via smartphone on a daily basis. It analyses individual mobility behaviour and synchronises it with numerous parameters for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Note: the EQ Ready app is not limited to identifying whether the desired destination can be reached by an EV, but also explicitly recommends which alternative powertrain model from smart or Mercedes-Benz will suit you best.

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To check your own mobility behaviour, activate the automatic tracking function in the EQ Ready App – your trips will then be tracked and evaluated automatically.


Trip Overview.

Numerous criteria, including velocity, acceleration, and stop times, are used to analyse an individual’s driving behaviour. Additionally, the app measures environmental parameters such as temperature and elevation profile.

Trip Overview

Trip details.

The results are based on the driver’s specific usage profile, analysing not only a single journey but also the actual driving profile. After having checked with the EQ Ready app, drivers know exactly whether their desired destination can be reached by an EV as well.

Trip Detail

Charging stations.

Find the perfect charging possibility in over 30 countries. For every charging station there will be information about location, charging plugs and charging speed. According to these criteria the user will also be able to set a filter in order to find suitable charging stations. With EQ Predict the user can plan routes in advance, including recommended charging stations.


EQ Predict.

With EQ Predict the user is able to calculate routes in advance including the energy demand and the individual battery consumption. The energy calculation for the chosen trip is based on historical traffic data and, as a result, speed profiles on the specific roads. Furthermore, relevant charging possibilities are recommended along the trip.

EQ Predict

Which vehicle suits me best?

Based on this analysis, the app shows the user which electric or hybrid vehicle from smart or Mercedes-Benz best suits his or her personal needs.

Which vehicles suits me best?
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