• EQ Networking BBQ with Guy Kawasaki and Amy Webb.

Event info.

First come, first served – all EQ Events at SXSW have limited capacity and are only accessible with a ticket valid for the specific event. You can get the tickets directly at the EQ Home (1205 E Cesar Chavez St), at the Stress Inversion Transformer (599 Neches St), and at the me Convention information stand in the Austin Convention Center (St. Entrance, 500 E Cesar Chavez St #4th). All tickets are free of charge.

Date: March 10, 2019
Time: 12–3 pm
Location: EQ Home, 1205 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, USA ///vanilla.hype.birds

When in Texas…

In honour of SXSW, we’re putting an Austin spin on traditional networking and meeting Great Minds at a backyard BBQ. Part 1: “A life in constant transformation” is hosted by Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and technology evangelist. Together with Wolfgang Würth (Mercedes-Benz EQ), he will show us what it means to live in constant transformation.

Portrait of Guy Kawasaki.

Meet & Eat.

The future is here and our BBQ hosts are ready. Part 2 will feature a conversation about “The Power of AI” hosted by Quantitative Futurist Amy Webb, and a sneak peek of Amy’s new book “The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity”.

Portrait of Amy Webb.


Guy Kawasaki.

Guy Kawasaki is an American-Japanese marketing specialist, author of 13 books, Chief Evangelist of Canva, prolific speaker and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984.

Amy Webb.

Amy Webb, Founder of the Future Today Institute, is a quantitative futurist specialising in artificial intelligence; and an award-winning author, columnist, and television script consultant. She is Professor of Strategic Foresight at NYU, and is a Fellow in the US-Japan Leadership Program.