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French Connection

September 22, 2018 - September 26, 2018, Frankreich

Winding mountain stretches and remote country roads, good restaurants and picturesque landscapes are the measure of all things pleasurable during this tour through France.

Variety is assured by a high-class restaurant on one day and a rustic country inn on the next. The hotel spectrum likewise ranges from a remote auberge in the mountain passes to a chateau hotel.

And passes there are plenty. The Col de la Machine, Col de Lachau, Col de St. Alexis or the Col de Rousset are true automotive highlights, as is the infamous Mont Ventoux on the Tour de France route.

The Grotte du Brudour and the township of Die with its Roman Porte St.-Marcel and cathedral are also among the sightseeing destinations during this Tour de France with the Mercedes-Benz G or X-Class, a GLA, GLC, GLE or GLS.

During the day each participant is able to set off individually and follow the detailed roadbook, visit the attractions described and enjoy lunch in a restaurant by the roadside. Or join the organiser’s vehicle on the road and enjoy the grandiose landscape.



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