Deniz Simon, 41, Switzerland. The musician and singer drives a 450 SE (W 116) and performed an open-air birthday song for us.
Birthday party with terrific guests: The first issue of the Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine was published 20 years ago. Now we are celebrating our “young classics anniversary”.

20 years of Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine.

20 years of printed and lived passion for works of art on four wheels. For automotive cultural heritage bearing the star. For classics, classics of the future and young classics. For our subscribers – and club members – currently in 84 countries on six continents. Classic, that’s also seven letters. For each letter, we visited a different place, other fans of the brand that invented the motor car, and readers of our magazine – in four countries, on two continents: in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in southern Asia. Seven smaller narratives come together to form one big story in which the number 20 plays a role again and again. The journey together brings joy and friends – and it goes on and on!