The invisible line to the magical land of the midnight sun is crossed by ferry. The Lofoten islands are calling! A boat and road trip beyond the Arctic Circle.
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The Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine has been an established publication since 2002. The magazine focuses on the brand tradition and the unique history of Mercedes-Benz as the most traditional automobile manufacturer in the world.

Classic Magazine combines classic vehicles from vintage cars to late-model classics with a modern, often bold layout and a dynamic editorial style. The aim is to show photos and editorial perspectives that have not been published before. The editor-in-chief, designers, authors and photographers are internationally known and recognised experts in the classic scene.

Abenteuerlich: Thor lenkt seinen 190 SL von Bord – das Auto ist ein Geschenk seiner Ehefrau.
Autoaufzug: Der 190 SL gelangt über die seitliche Laderampe ins Hurtigruten-Schiff.


The magazine focuses on old and not so old classics - and on the women and men of all ages who own them. All articles are seen to by experts and enriched with exclusive archival information and unique images. Stories about the whole variety of historic vehicles from the SSK and the 300 SL to Mercedes-Benz innovations of the present day are embedded in lively reports, exciting interviews and lifestyle features. The range from racing cars to commercial vehicles has been the unique selling point of the Mercedes-Benz brand and its predecessors for more than 135 years.

History of vehicles.

In the magazine, international owners of historic vehicles have their say. We chronicle their stories with their vehicles, exciting driving experiences and present travel routes around the world that are ideal for touring with old and not so old classics. Lifestyle topics such as outstanding architecture and art, which here are placed in the context of contemporary Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, offer a very special reading incentive. A special feature is the model check, which offers sound information from the manufacturer as an essential decision-making aid for the acquisition of the most important late-model and vintage classics.

Perfektes Trio: Schroffe Berge, stilles Wasser, leere Straßen.

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