He’s a little bit like my very own George Clooney with wheels.

The ifs and buts of falling in love … I’m in love! He’s much younger than I am; he’s an excitable macho type with first-class manners, a bit of a showman. He’s also got a nice, big family: great parents, top-notch relatives – absolutely perfect! When he goes by, the signs of being freshly in love all occur simultaneously: I hold my breath, I get a kick of adrenaline which makes my heart pound faster, I turn my head slightly towards him and get a stiff neck, my eyes roll back and I get a lump in my throat. When no one’s looking, I put my hand on his waist. He’s a little bit like my very own George Clooney with wheels. The only problem is that he doesn’t correspond in the slightest to my usual types.

I’m in love, but not in a classic. He’s a young-blooded Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster*. Whatever next? Perish the thought …

Resolute independence.

It all started the first time I laid eyes on him. After that, on 22 May, I wrote a rather relaxed, almost humorous blog about him on the Daimler Blog. But since then, things have started getting serious. I can’t get him out of my head. But how on earth did he even get in there in the first place? I’ve been thinking long and hard about that question. It must be his looks – a mix of stylish elegance and ultra-modern high-tech finesse with an added portion of sportiness (something I don’t have – so we’re perfectly complementary). I just love this character trait – it’s a great metaphor for speed. He oozes utmost willpower and resolute independence. Just thinking of a top speed of more than 300 km/h leaves me with a feeling of joyful anticipation of a new life. And best of all, my 380 SLC and my “Stroke Eight” Coupé from 1972 can finally take a break from my driving style. There’s no doubt about it, the GT Roadster is much more of a tough guy.

A car should put its driver in a fantastic condition.

Even my daily grind would change. I wouldn’t need to buy mineral water in crates any more, but I’d also have to wave goodbye to those small trips into town with the family and colleagues. I’d even be prepared to shed a few pounds so I could fit better in the driver’s seat. Maybe the sheer bliss would even lead me to start writing about technology. I love technology that works, but I never write about it. It’s enough for me if it just works. Last Sunday, though, reading the papers put me in a bit of a tricky spot. In the motoring pages, a whole range of different vintages are lined up next to one another: For Sale! SLS AMG Roadster, obsidian black, top spec – sounds like gluttony in its purest form

Directly next to it, the following ad: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé, 1955, middle red, fantastic condition. And that’s just it – a car should put its driver in a fantastic condition!

! If I buy the Mercedes-AMG, then I can no longer write this column. They’ll chuck me out. I really need to set some priorities here. Or I buy it and just don’t tell anyone. Let’s not forget, he’s not only my young lover, but also a classic of the future.

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