Preliminary remark.

The time has come – a time for new perspectives.

Internationally, there are more than 80 clubs and over 90,000 club members supporting the traditional values of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The members of the official Mercedes-Benz brand clubs help to ensure that the brand remains contemporary and dynamic. Their enthusiasm is our success. The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for automobiles of the highest quality. We are aware that anyone who claims a top position must also keep defending that position with every new product. We work towards this goal continuously and with great dedication. But nothing is as constant as change. More and more, everyone is being challenged to contribute an individual share towards collective success. This very special effort, which our worldwide club members thereby make, deserves an equally special award: the Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Award.

The Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Award.

Winning by enthusiasm

Some of the distinguishing features of the Mercedes-Benz Clubs are their strong sense of community, their careful cultivation of a uniform global image and their highly developed appreciation of tradition and loyalty to the brand. Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management supports the clubs’ interests with both conceptual and material contributions and also offers practical help with day-to-day club work. We have instituted this award in order to facilitate communication and dialogue between the two partners, and to further strengthen the ties within the club community. The award honours exceptional achievements of individual club members in the interests of the brand.


A new partnership dimension

Once a year, every member of an authorised Mercedes-Benz Club is entitled to nominate another club member for the award whom they deem worthy of the honour.

When making a nomination, you should therefore take into account criteria such as personal dedication, the overcoming of extraordinary difficulties in establishing clubs, and the qualitative further development of a club. Other reasons for the award include long-standing active membership, exceptional achievements for the company and brand, outstanding fairness in dealing with others and top achievements in the preservation and cultivation of the Mercedes-Benz history and heritage.

The assessment.

Making a difference – receiving an award

There is a whole range of reasons for honouring someone with an award. Strategic and operative results count just as much in the assessment as emotional achievements, because our highly ambitious projects require expert support, appreciation and reward. We do this in order to:

  • maintain friendships
  • reinforce positive attitudes
  • generate new motivation
  • develop bonds
  • reward member loyalty
The Award.

Welcome to the “club of the best”

The idea behind the award is that external signs of recognition should reflect inner values. Every award winner receives:

  • a special certificate
  • a high-quality sculpture
  • the Silver Star badge to be worn on their suit/outfit

This triple distinction visibly reflects the considerable appreciation and gratitude of Mercedes‑Benz Group AG.