“What might combining haute couture with our products look like?” This question from chief designer Gorden Wagener was the starting point of the development of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture in 2019. Belinda Günther was in charge of the development: the head of Color & Trim worked with her team on all the surfaces, materials and shapes in the interior and exterior. “The Haute Voiture is the project I have longed for all my life as I originally studied fashion design. The challenge of merging fashion and automobile could have been made just for me.” 

Rosé meets nautical blue: The typical Maybach two-tone paint finish reinterpreted.

As in fashion, textiles play a formative role in Belinda Günther’s day-to-day work. So it’s no surprise at all that the designer raves about the contrasting bouclé fabric made of blue, beige, rosé and gold yarns: “It is the embodiment of quality and luxury. As with impressionism, you also have an incredibly beautiful overall impression here of colour and effects working together.”

The materials used – including the bouclé fabric – are also showcased in an accompanying collection consisting of handbags, suits and dresses. The Haute Voiture will be launched in early 2023 as a strictly limited edition. Belinda Günther still gets goosebumps as she recounts the story when asked about the first internal unveiling of the vehicle: “I was speechless at first. And then came the tears of joy.”

Belinda Günther.

Belinda Günther got a foothold in the automotive industry straight after her fashion design studies. Since 2019, she has been in charge of the Color & Trim division at Mercedes-Benz.