An EQS stands in front of a white house in Portugal.

The focus of the magazine is on the unique stories that our Mercedes-Benz AG offers as a large corporation: Researchers, thinkers, adventures, emotional experiences, unusual approaches and pioneering spirit, new vehicles, new drive systems, the people who shaped and still shape the brand, and always told in a very close, authentic and likeable way. 

Greeting from the Mediterranean south: a palm tree on the shore of Lake Lugano.

We collect the best stories throughout the year and publish them in a familiar form - our Mercedes-Benz me magazine. On high-quality paper, which is ecologically certified according to the latest standards, it goes to our customers worldwide every summer and fall, hot off the press.

Depending on the country, the Mercedes-Benz me Magazine is of course also available to our customers as an epaper.

Published by Mercedes-Benz AG
MS/CEP | me Magazine
HPC L538
70546 Stuttgart
Kai Deuble
Silke von Homeyer
Concept and editorial development Looping Studios Hamburg, Chefredaktion: Hendrik Lakeberg