The insider among insiders.

Ask Courtney Love what she can tell you about Scott Lipps and you’ll get an unqualified testimonial from the singer and actress: “He seems to be the insider’s insider. Everyone welcomes Scott – he’s a confidante, a secret keeper, a protector, a big brother, a little brother, and always seems to be in the right place at the right time.” (Quoted from: “POPLIPPS: Plus One”, powerHouse Books, New York, 2013.)

He has been the drummer in her band for many years, so they know each other. Always busy, Lipps drives to most of his many daily appointments in his Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 – and that time can add up fast in the tough Los Angeles traffic. He first leased his GLC in a classic Selenite Grey and remained true to the model now, but this time opted for the elegant Obsidian Black Metallic. Almost an understatement in the flashy entertainment metropolis of L.A., where being conspicuous at all costs is the order of the day. Not so for Scott Lipps, who may seem like an underdog in the world of the rich and beautiful. In truth, he is actually at the centre of it all and knows it intimately.

Vom Musiker zum Unternehmer.

Seine Geschichte ist die von einem, der es geschafft hat: Geboren und aufgewachsen auf Long Island im Bundesstaat New York, kam er als Teenager nach Los Angeles, um Musik zu studieren. „Jeder, der Musik machen wollte, zog nach L.A., aus New York heraus hat man es nicht geschafft. Ich glaube, meine Eltern waren wenig begeistert davon, dass ich Rock-’n’-Roll-Schlagzeuger werden wollte“, erinnert sich Lipps. Er spielte in verschiedenen Bands und arbeitete nebenher bei Platten- und Managementfirmen. Nach einer Armverletzung spielte er weiter Schlagzeug, konzentrierte sich aber auf eine Karriere „am Business-Ende der Musik“. Lipps wurde Assistent von Lindy Goetz, dem langjährigen Manager der Red Hot Chili Peppers, brachte Frontmann Anthony Kiedis sogar gelegentlich Pakete nach Hause. Ein Vertrauter, zurückhaltend und entspannt. So lernte er die Industrie von Grund auf kennen und vor allem die Menschen, die sich darin bewegen. Und so ist das Vernetzen vielleicht seine Paradedisziplin geworden.

Gepaart mit seinem früh ausgeprägten unternehmerischen Geist, war eine eigene Agentur der logische nächste Schritt. „Ich fand es spannend, die verschiedenen Branchen – Film, Musik und Mode – zusammenzubringen und in einer Art Multimedia-Unternehmen zu bündeln. Das gab es in den späten 90er-Jahren noch nicht oft“, erzählt Lipps. 2001 gründete er in New York seine erste Agentur One Management, arbeitete mit Supermodels wie Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell und Helena Christensen. Er hat ein Gespür dafür, zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort zu sein – oder vielmehr dafür, dem Zeitgeist voraus zu sein. Noch bevor Unternehmen wie Snapchat, Instagram oder TikTok groß wurden, stellte Scott Lipps regelmäßig Fotos der New Yorker Partyszene ins Netz.

From musician to entrepreneur.

His story is of someone who has made it: born and raised on Long Island in New York State, he came to Los Angeles as a teenager to study music. “Everyone who wanted to make music moved to L.A.. There was no way you could make it based from New York. I don’t think my parents were too keen on me wanting to be a rock 'n' roll drummer,” Lipps recalls. He played in various bands and worked for record and management companies on the side. After suffering an arm injury, he continued to play drums but focused on a career “at the business end of music”. Lipps became an assistant to Lindy Goetz, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ long-time manager, and even delivered packages to frontman Anthony Kiedis’ home occasionally. A confidant – low-key and relaxed. Over time, he got to know the industry – and in particular, the people who work in it – from the ground up. That’s how networking became something of his trademark. 

Strong entrepreneurial spirit.

This, coupled with his early entrepreneurial spirit, meant having his own agency was the logical next step. He founded his first company, One Management, in New York in 2001 and worked with supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen. He has a flair for being in the right place at the right time – or rather, for being one step ahead of the zeitgeist. Even before companies like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok took hold, Scott Lipps regularly posted photos of the New York party scene online. 

His “POPLIPPS” blog was one of the biggest and most influential on the social media platform Tumblr at the time. His snapshots of stars such as A$AP Rocky and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler were printed by the legendary “Interview” magazine as a regular feature. Later, the photos were even turned into a photo book, with one reviewer raving that it “gives the reader the feeling of being there with Scott Lipps as his plus one”. 

The entrepreneur was also quick to spot the potential of social media influencers for fashion and lifestyle companies and signed up aspiring and successful content creators such as Chiara Ferragni and Rocky Barnes. He did not let the doubters sway him: “When you step away from the tried and tested path, you always get criticism. But I knew this was a billion-dollar business; one as big as – if not bigger than – the than the traditional advertising model,” Lipps recalls.

Because the business was now mainly happening in Los Angeles, Scott Lipps finally left One Management five years ago and founded Lipps LA in the Californian metropolis. Here, he now represents music greats such as Cassie and Gucci Mane, alongside numerous models and entertainment newcomers.

What counts is functionality.

The move has changed one thing in particular for Lipps, apart from the noticeable improvement in the weather: he spends much more time in his car. And although he is a big fan of convertible classics like the Mercedes-Benz 450 SL belonging to his acquaintance, singer Lana Del Rey, he has recently opted for a GLC 300 again. Stylish but discreet, easy to use and, above all, a reliable companion in the big city. “I like the dashboard and the interface of the GLC. I don’t need hundreds of buttons and all the bells and whistles, but a car that is reliable and functional. My car has never broken down. And it has a great sound,” says Lipps, who prefers listening to rock classics like Duran Duran and Led Zeppelin. Or episodes of his own “Lipps Service” podcast, where he interviews music greats like Bryan Adams as well as designers such as Tommy Hilfiger or acting stars David Duchovny and Rose McGowan.

Lipps probably inherited his work ethic and his “drive” from his father. He had a car spare parts business and was just as busy as his son is today. Lipps’ father is now 89 years old. And when he calls his son today, he still has the same big question: “What are you working on right now?” Scott Lipps’ answer never fails to fascinate.

About Scott Lipps.

The drummer founded the One Management and Lipps LA talent agencies in New York and Los Angeles respectively. He was one of the first to link fashion and lifestyle brands with social media influencers. He is also a musician and plays in Courtney Love’s band.

Scott Lipps first leased the GLC in a classic Selenite Grey, but this time opted for the elegant Obsidian Black Metallic. Almost an understatement in the flashy entertainment metropolis of L.A., where being conspicuous at all costs is the order of the day.

Seinen ersten GLC leaste Lipps in einem klassischen Selenitgrau und entschied sich jetzt für das elegante Obsidianschwarz Metallic. Beinahe ein Understatement in der Entertainment-Metropole L.A., wo Auffallen um jeden Preis zum guten Ton gehört.