Patience is key.

Those who have already purchased a new, individually configured Mercedes know the feeling of having found the right model, engine configuration, equipment and paint job. And the feeling of having ordered the car of their dreams from the dealership. It’s a feeling of pure excitement, of wanting nothing more than to hop in and drive away. But patience is key. It can take weeks, sometimes a couple of months. After all, the car still has to be built.

Excitement and information.

This is the part where “Joyful Anticipation” comes in, a completely innovative service that presents passionate car buyers with fascinating pictures and videos of their car – some of which illustrate individual steps of the production process – all to boost their excitement and keep them going until the day comes when they are sitting in the ­driver’s seat. It also provides information on different functions and options.

Waiting becomes an experience.

The idea behind the service is as simple as it is captivating: the waiting becomes an experience of its own. Since late 2016, the offer has been available as a desktop or mobile appli­cation for the first models and production facilities in the Mercedes me portal. Thousands of users have taken up the offer and are enjoying ­“Joyful Anti­cipation” today. New car buyers are given a glimpse behind the scenes of their vehicle’s production.

With push notifications, users receive real-time updates on the current production status of their car: “Painting has begun!” This service is an industry first and is embedded in the world of Mercedes me. With it, users can digitally and visually enjoy their custom vehicle before receiving it and, depending on the model, make changes to their order later on.

Share the joy.

Since it was introduced, the service has been continuously improved and new content has been regularly added. Customers can even use it to find insurance online if needed. And, of course, it features major social media platforms so that users can share their “Joyful Anti­cipation” with friends.