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World premiere.

Tuesday, January 8th.

11:00–11:30 am (PST) / 07:00–07:30 pm (GMT): Press Conference / World Premiere Mercedes-Benz CLA.

Future Talks.

Tuesday, January 8th.

02:00–02:30 pm (PST) / 10:00–10:30 pm (GMT): We Drive the Future. Digital Innovation and Mobility. 

Sajjad Khan: Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Head of CASE/Daimler AG.
Jensen Huang: Co-Founder, President & CEO/NVIDIA.

03:30–03:45 pm (PST) / 11:30–11:45 pm (GMT): Mercedes-Benz Vans. The Future of Urban Mobility.

Wilfried Porth: Member of the Board of Management/Daimler AG – Human Resources & Director of Labor Relation/Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Wednesday, January 9th.

11:00–11:15 am (PST) / 07:00–07:15 pm (GMT): The Suburban Juggernaut. Future Insights for the U.S.

Dietmar Exler: President & CEO/Mercedes-Benz USA.

2:00–2:15 pm (PST) / 10:00–10:15 pm (GMT): Customer Expectations. How Predictive Mobility Shapes Cities.

Benedikt Schell: Chief Experience Officer/Daimler Financial Services AG.

03:00–03:15 pm (PST) / 11:00–11:15 pm (GMT): pacTris Packs It. When AI Helps Packing the Trunk.

Sebastian Thiemt: Founder pacTris, Digital Strategy – Digital Life/Daimler AG.
Christine Keegan: IT Mercedes-Benz Vans, IT Innovation Management/Daimler AG.

Thursday, January 10th.

11:00–11:15 am (PST) / 07:00–07:15 pm (GMT): The Future of Transportation. The Impact of Autonomous Trucks.

Dr. Peter Vaughan Schmidt: Head of Strategy Daimler Trucks/Daimler AG.

02:00–02:15 pm (PST) / 10:00–10:15 pm (GMT): Relationship, Redefined. Robots, AI, and the Empowered You.

Kai Jardner: Futurist, Pioneering Next/Daimler AG.

03:00–03:15 pm (PST) / 11:00–11:15 pm (GMT): The Sixth Sense. ENERGIZING COACH as Another Step Towards True Intelligent Comfort.

Dr. Gudrun Schönherr: Active Comfort Systems, Psychology, Physiotherapy/Daimler AG.

Friday, January 11th.

11:00–11:15 am (PST) / 07:00–07:15 pm (GMT): MBUX Interior Assistant. The First Step Towards an Intelligent Interior.

Volker Entenmann: Senior Manager UI Functions/Daimler AG.

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CES 2019: Highlight pass.

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