Shared & Services.

Shared & Services is the “S” in Daimler’s CASE strategy. We believe that intelligent mobility services and car sharing will play a key role in the reinvention of mobility.

Did you know on average most cars are only in use for one hour per day? We believe sharing is better than parking, especially in cities, and our success has proven us right. A car2go vehicle is rented every 1.4 seconds. And in the future it could autonomously travel directly to where it needs to go.

Highlight pass.

Use the wallet function of your smartphone now and save all highlights and dates on your mobile phone – and during the show we’ll provide you with convenient extra information directly to your smartphone. All you need to do is press the plus button in the wallet app and scan the QR Code. Please note that in doing so, you consent to receiving push notifications from us before, during and after the fair, which are activated as standard when you save the vehicle. Personal data will not be saved or transmitted in the process. You can deactivate the push notifications at any time in the app settings.

GIMS 2019 Highlight Pass