• We are all #DrivenToLearn.

When learning inspires.

What do all the staff in the Mercedes-Benz dealerships have in common?
Their constant drive to continuously improve themselves
Mercedes-Benz Global Training is the training service provider for all retail staff who work for the Mercedes-Benz brand. It enables continuous professional and personal development in the workshop, when in contact with customers and at the management level. Whether e-training or face-to-face training, tailored training concepts encourage and challenge, and always help to build practice-oriented expertise while ensuring a high level of motivation. And it is not just individual staff members who benefit, but also the whole team – and ultimately our customers.

Learning is lifelong.

We all have the drive to constantly learn new things. But everyone learns differently. Individual and collaborative learning methods meet all the needs of training participants and offer the right solution for everyone at anytime, wherever they are. 

Mercedes-Benz Global Training.
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