Close to the target group. Our training philosophy.

What matters to us is what employees at Mercedes-Benz dealerships want: inspirational training courses that are fun but that, first and foremost, deliver effective results – for them and for the dealership. The more precisely a training course is tailored to the requirements of a job profile, the more efficient it is going to be. With reference to the latest research findings and state-of-the-art technologies, we work closely with the various business units and markets to devise training concepts that are just right for our learners and their field of work.

Learning as it suits best. Our formats.

Personalised and individual learning, but also collaborative learning, is just as important as the physical brand and product experience. Training formats ranging from classically intensive to cutting-edge digital deliver the appropriate solution to suit any aspiration, schedule or required level of intensity. New and innovative learning formats and methods are constantly being added to the range, so that the learning process can be tailored even more flexibly and perfectly to the needs of the employees at Mercedes-Benz dealerships. 

Exceptional standards. Exceptional versatility.

The success of our training is measurable: by the end, our learners will have successfully completed various training or personal development courses, or earned certification – our highest level of qualification. But above all, our learners will have gained knowledge and additional skills that will directly benefit them, their dealership and, of course, the customers of Mercedes-Benz.