Interactive, intensive. Presence-based learning.

Presence-based learning is used for training on specific vehicle features that should be experienced or tested together, or also for personal development. Presence-based learning is frequently enhanced with digital elements such as games, videos or problem-based learning exercises. 

Collaborative and yet individual. Virtual presence learning.

Virtual presence learning gets the participants together in a virtual space at a specific time, and can be conveniently absolved from anywhere: e.g. as a virtual classroom in the form of an interactive training with a similar level of interaction as in presence-based learning, or alternatively, as a webinar – a virtual lecture with less interaction. 

Wherever and whenever. Digital-based learning.

Employees at Mercedes-Benz dealerships can flexibly absolve our digital-based training courses independent of time and place according to their own possibilities and learning preferences. Depending on the topic and learning goals, we choose the most suitable for implementation from the different variants: from classic eLearning to videos, podcasts and games. We also like to combine training elements to create the ideal learning path for our learners that is fun and ideally imparts the contents.