• Fit for the workshop, sales or management.

The right training for every job.

Sustainable sales success and excellent customer service depend on a well-coordinated service team. The strength of a team is evident in the way its members work together, but also in the skills that each of them separately contributes. Global Training provides employees at Mercedes-Benz dealerships with the best possible foundation for delivering top performance as part of a team – for demanding customers, for the company and for themselves. Our training courses do so by being targeted and individually geared towards distinct job profiles:

  • Customer service
    • Technical
    • Processes and systems
    • Sales of service and parts
  • Sales
  • Management

To improve readability, and completely without prejudice, we use masculine terms and pronouns as a general rule when describing or referring to specific roles. In the interests of equality, however, the content in every case is intended to refer to all genders.

  • Customer service.

Experts at work.

The name says it all: anyone who offers a service needs to be able to demonstrate sensitivity when dealing with customers. And to have the right training. For our aspirations in terms of quality are also evident in the work undertaken on our products. Our training courses help us to meet these aspirations.

A man has a tablet on his hand and looks into the engine compartment of a vehicle.


Quality shines through in perfection.

  • The Certified Diagnosis Technician
  • the Paint Specialist
  • the Maintenance Technician
  • the System Technician or
  • the Service24h Technician

– they play their part. And playing their part means being precise and working to an exceptionally high level of quality and efficiency to ensure that every customer always gets a faultless car.
They put a lot of effort into achieving this, with an emphasis on completing the recommended training courses. Such courses ensure that their work always represents the latest state-of-the-art techniques. 

A man is handling a brake disc.

Processes and systems.

Keeping it moving. With logistics.

It’s only when all the cogs in the wheel work perfectly together that it can start to turn. That applies in our cars just as much as in our dealerships. Making it all the more important that someone keeps an eye on all the cogs.

The parts and process specialist keeps the dealership running. He knows who needs what where, and how to get the right parts to the workshop at the right time. He is constantly monitoring these processes and is involved in planning them, so he is able to guarantee that the logistics will run smoothly. To ensure that he always keeps a step ahead of developments in the dealership, he undergoes regular training with Global Training.

A young man holds a tablet in his hand and smiles into the camera.

Sales of service and parts.

An open ear for customers.

Sensitivity and personal attention help to determine the success of the service customers receive. Which is why Mercedes-Benz Service lives and breathes by the people who provide it.

The job profiles

  • Certified Service Advisor
  • Certified Parts and Accessories Salesperson
  • Customer Contact Consultant After-Sales
  • Qualified Service and Parts/Accessories Salesperson in field service
  • Service/Parts Marketing Specialist
  • Service Receptionist

are the vital components that make up the service team and, together, ensure the quality of the entire customer-facing service process.

Their recipe for success: regular training, in order to be able to resolve every situation to the satisfaction of the customer.

Two people are talking next to a car standing on a lifting platform.
  • Sales.

Enthusiasm for the brand and for customers.

Those staff members who work in the Sales area represent our brand in the eyes of the customer. With expertise and enthusiasm, they give customers orientation and can help win them over to Mercedes-Benz.

Their specialist knowledge provides the decisive answers to any questions. Their enthusiasm ensures that customers always leave the dealership feeling positive. And to keep things that way, they use Global Training to keep themselves up to date.

A young man is sitting at a desk smiling into the camera.

Certified Mercedes-Benz Salesperson.

Competence and enthusiasm in person.

A service provider and partner to our customers, whose inspirational support for customers makes him a reliable and conscientious point of contact.

Three people sitting at a table and talking.

Sales Assistant.

Specialist for support in administrative tasks.

The Sales Assistant is the main support of the Salesperson when it comes to administrative work. Additionally, the Sales Assistant can also support in customer-facing tasks.

Sales Assistant in the back office.

Customer Contact Consultant.

The first contact on the phone or via email.

Is able to identify from the customer’s initial telephone call or email what is required and to offer immediate help.    

A woman wearing a headset.

Online Salesperson.

Contact person in digital.

A certified member of the sales team with the ability to represent Mercedes-Benz with enthusiasm when talking to interested customers who make contact via a digital channel of communication.

A woman is sitting at her desk typing something on her tablet.

Showroom Media Expert.

Specialist for the digital elements.

The specialist for the digital elements in the customer contact areas of the Mercedes-Benz Showroom ensures that all digital media operate smoothly.

Two people standing at a table with a built-in touch screen.

Product Expert.

Specialist for product, features and equipment.

The key specialist when it comes to products, features and equipment, who is able to explain and demonstrate all functions and their operation to customers in a clear and inspiring manner. 

A young man shows a woman something in the car.

Star Assistant.

Ensures the best first impression.

The Star Assistant is the central contact person for all incoming visitors and gives a first impression. After the initial reception, the Star Assistant coordinates and assigns the customers to the respective consultant.

Star Assistant is welcoming customers at a Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  • Management.

The strategy for success.

The excellent training provided for managers ensures that strategic as well as operative targets are met. We train Retail managers in the organisational, planning and controlling functions and help them to improve the overall profitability of the dealership.

A young woman smiling into the camera.

General Manager.

Head of the business.

Responsible for managing the business operations of a Retail site, representing the outward face of the company and providing clear guidance within the company, recruiting personnel, optimising communications between departments, analysing the results achieved and setting new targets. 

A man smiling at the camera.

Certified Sales Manager.

The strategic head of the sales team.

This role involves putting together an optimum sales team, along with the planning, management and profitability of the whole sales area. 

A woman looking out the window, smiling.

Certified Service Manager.

Steers to success in service.

Responsible for the planning, management and economic efficiency of the service and logistics areas. 

A man looking at a tablet.

Team Leader.

Thinkers and leaders.

As thinkers and leaders they support the Sales Manager in managing the sales team, initiate successful sales strategies and work with the team to meet the set sales and performance targets.

A young woman is sitting at a desk smiling into the camera.

Customer Service Manager.

Plans and controls for high-quality service and advice.

Responsible for the organisation, management and profitability of the overall vehicle reception and workshop area.

A man leans against a chair and smiles into the camera.

Workshop Foreman.

The interface between workshop and customer department.

Responsible for the organisation, management and service capability of the whole workshop at the interface to the customer area.

A man on the phone looking at his computer screen.

Logistics Manager – Parts Manager.

Leads to the success of the parts and accessories area.

Responsible for the organisation, management and profitability of the whole vehicle parts/accessories area. 

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