Artificial intelligence with cultural differences.

Mercedes‑Benz Group AG is strongly represented at the RISE Conference, taking place from 9 to 12 July 2018 in Hong Kong. As part of the “discussion session”, Dieter Zetsche will explain the cultural differences which are reflected in customers’ varying wishes in Asia, Europe and the USA. He will also describe how artificial intelligence helps suppliers to respond more appropriately to the individual needs of the customer. In a session entitled “From AI to Green Tea. East-Western lessons for the inventor of the car” Dieter Zetsche will take part in a live discussion on stage in front of around 700 journalists and influencers. In all, the conference will be attended by 15,000 participants from more than 100 countries.

The session with Dieter Zetsche, taking place at 8.30 a.m. CEST on 10 July (2.30 p.m. local time), will be transmitted live at:

RISE as an international forum.

“We have consciously chosen RISE as an international forum because it offers us an opportunity to engage in dialogue with the tech community, both on-site at the event and in the social networks,” says Jörg Howe, Head of Global Communications Mercedes‑Benz Group AG.

In the run-up to the conference, the company has made use of social media channels to encourage its online community to participate in the dialogue on artificial intelligence. During RISE, Dieter Zetsche will discuss selected questions with conference participants, including Guy Kawasaki. This technology champion and Mercedes-Benz ambassador has a sphere of influence, which extends well beyond the digital scene. Following the RISE Conference, a video of the responses will be published via social media.

Mobility of the future.

The brand for electric mobility, EQ, will also be making use of RISE as an international platform in order to engage in dialogue with the global tech community. Mercedes-Benz Group AG offers an inspiring look forward to the mobility of the future by presenting the Concept EQA in Hong Kong. The vehicle study shows how electric mobility might be reflected in the compact class – fully electric, digital and networked. Along with the Concept EQA, which will be roaming the streets of Hong Kong throughout the conference, the electric mobility brand is also offering exclusive hospitality on 10 and 11 July: events include the “EQnights” for speakers and CEOs of RISE start-ups, as well as the “EQdinner” for top speakers and influencers.

“As we look to the future, artificial intelligence is a key issue for us. This applies to all sectors of the business – development, production and the use of vehicles, as well as mobility services and communication,” explains Howe. Artificial intelligence and digitalisation open new opportunities for Mercedes-Benz Group AG in all fields of the CASE strategy – networking (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric powertrains (Electric).

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX).

The new A-Class Saloon is a perfect example of how intercultural competence and artificial intelligence interact. Like all models in the compact vehicle generation, it is also fitted out with the new multimedia system, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). Thanks to artificial intelligence, this system has a unique ability to learn. MBUX makes it possible for the first time for two or more users to connect simultaneously to the system. The intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition is proficient in various Chinese dialects, including Sichuanese and Cantonese.

MBUX can be individually tailored; the system adapts to the user and builds an emotional connection with the vehicle and its occupants. Particularly in China, where a third of the brand’s customers are aged under 30, this new, intuitive telematics system offers a highly individual, digital experience. The system’s intelligence enables it to find its way around the roads in China and all over the world.

About RISE.

RISE is the largest and most important conference for the tech community in Asia. RISE offers a total of eleven forums focusing on topics including automotive, design, marketing, robotics and big data. Leading representatives from companies and start-ups meet at RISE in Hong Kong to discuss their experiences and to learn from one another. Attendees include Microsoft, Amazon, Lufthansa, DIDI, HSBC, Hanson Robotics and Tinder. The three-day networking event is also attended by influencers and media representatives from across the globe, as well as influential investors.

In 2017, more than 14,000 participants from over 100 countries attended the conference at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, where 300 speakers, 400 investors and in excess of 600 start-ups were to be found. This year, there are over 350 registered speakers; more than 700 media representatives will report from the conference. RISE is hosted by the organisers of the Web Summit, Europe’s largest IT and tech conference.