DVD 'Magical Moments'.

The Silver Arrows of Mercedes-Benz: with their unique success story, they stand for an incomparable era of motor sport. Characterized by spectacular achievements in racing as well as glorious but also tragic individual careers, the stories of the drivers and their silvery racers are fascinating to this day. Caracciola, Lang, Fangio and Moss are the names of the heroes who dominated the racing scene at the time. With their Silver Arrows they became legends. However, this era of motor sport does not only produce stories of great triumphs. Risk always accompanies the drivers on their way to heroic fame. How they put man and machine to the limit, is a big part of the fascination.

Film director Saskia Weisheit and author Florian Dennert make the magical moments of an era come alive that has lost not one bit of its attraction and fascination − with elaborately shot play scenes, historically accurately depicted interviews as well as never before shown archive footage in colour.

Experts, collectors and racing legends like Jackie Stewart, Jochen Mass and Hans Herrmann showcase the historical race cars and convey impressively the fascination that emanates from these precious originals.