From 2012: Athlete, Aesthete.

The most recent generation, presented in 2012, is even more athletic and agile. Powerful, high-efficiency BlueDirect engines, the dynamic and consumption optimised 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission and standard-fit variants with electronically adjustable chassis opened the way to a new symbiosis of sportiness, efficiency and driving pleasure. A large part of this pioneering achievement can be ascribed to the all new bodyshell – the first full-aluminium bodyshell to go into volume production at Mercedes-Benz. And the results are spectacular: up to 140 kilograms lighter than its predecessor with improved safety and comfort features.


At the same time, torsional rigidity and flexing strength are improved to optimise driving dynamics and increase crash safety. With its balanced proportions and muscle-toned surfaces, the SL once again gives an all-new definition to the roadster design. The R 231 is both athlete and aesthete. As befitting its status, only high-quality materials were used in the interior of the luxury sports car.

And the innovative Frontbass system puts the R 231 at the cutting edge for sensual enjoyment. With bass speakers integrated in the firewall of the vehicle structure, the R 231 exploits the body’s longitudinal members as a powerful resonating chamber.

The combination of sportiness, comfort and efficiency typically associated with the SL achieves a new ideal in the sixth-generation SL. The R 231 carries the SL legend into the future.


Introduced for use in the Roadster, this wipe/wash system features a wiper blade with integrated washer fluid jets. This avoids the usual splash of water on the windscreen during spraying, which impairs the driver’s visibility. It also means the windscreen can be cleaned with the roof down without spraying the driver or front passenger.

Highlight: Frontbass System.

This innovative system uses body elements as resonance chambers. The bass speakers are no longer concealed in the doors, but are instead mounted in the longitudinal members of the front section, i.e. in the vehicle structure’s firewall. The result is a powerful bass and outstanding acoustic sound distribution, giving the listener a noticeably improved sound experience.