Mercedes-Benz C 126, evening mood.

Happy 40th birthday!

Born in 1981: the SEC Coupés of the 126 model series.

Makes hearts beat faster.

40 years old, and still as impressive as back then: in autumn 1981 Mercedes-Benz presented the SEC Coupés of the 126 model series. And these elegant vehicles have made hearts beat faster ever since. Technically the two-door models are closely related to the S-Class Saloon models. Together, they were at the pinnacle of the brand’s model range at the time. More Mercedes-Benz was just not possible.

Woman smiling in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz SEC of the 126 model series.

Space, luxury, comfort: the SEC Coupés are outstanding cars – and simply invite you to enjoy driving them, whether on a short trip or a long-distance journey.

Big and bold.

The Italian Bruno Sacco was the Head of Mercedes-Benz Design at the time. He is proud of the C 126 to this day. Beauty and elegance in every detail, that was the goal. The result not only delighted customers during the production period from 1981 to 1991: these coupés are simply timelessly beautiful, and at the same time show true greatness and serenity. In addition to the design quality, the vehicles impress with their technical features, for example the powerful, fuel-efficient engines, and with their safety, aerodynamics and lightweight construction.

In the blurred foreground a woman in the driver’s seat, in the background a Mercedes-Benz SEC can be seen.

The pulse-accelerating SEC Coupés: beauty, elegance and outstanding technology.