Different models of the Mercedes-Benz SL.
Iconic car since 1952.

Meaningful lettering: SL.

Born from motorsport: in 1952, Mercedes-Benz achieved tremendous international success with the 300 SL racing sports car (W 194) – “SL” – these two letters stood for “super–light”. The SL legend has been alive and well in production vehicles since 1954, starting with the legendary 300 SL “Gullwing”. There is no end to this fascination: each generation is a new chapter in the unique tradition. 2021 saw the launch of the facelifted 232 model series.

W 198.

W 121.

190 SL.

The 190 SL (1955 to 1963) was designed as an elegant, open sports car. In 1954, the Stuttgart-based brand presented it together with the 300 SL at the International Motor Sports Show in New York.


R 107.

The SL models in the R 107 model series made their debut in the spring of 1971. They exuded elegance and solidity. The 350 SL started things off and, for the first time in the history of the SL, was powered by an eight-cylinder engine. The 450 SL followed in 1973 and the 280 SL with its six-cylinder engine in 1974. There was a choice of three engines for this sports car: at the time, this range of options was a first in the tradition of the SL. 

With more than 18 years of production up to 1989, the R 107 model series set an internal brand record that is unlikely to be surpassed: apart from the G-Class SUVs, no passenger car model series in the entire history of the company has been produced over such a long period.



In building the R 231 model series SL sports car from 2012 onwards, Mercedes-Benz produced the first all-aluminium body manufactured in large-scale production, which saved around 140 kilograms in weight. A real efficiency booster.