Corporate Carsharing.

No monkey business.

Three years later – in the Year of the Monkey – it’s all happening. Monkeys are cheeky animals that burst into the room, with lightning-fast movements and oodles of motivation. They enhance communication and add a touch of humour. They help us survive stressful periods with ease and get business booming; in fact, everything just falls into place. But even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you have to admit that things are going pretty well for CAR2SHARE China. Instead of 30 little runarounds, the company now boasts a fleet of 300 vehicles. The service is currently used by some 50,000 customers from more than 100 leading firms. CAR2SHARE is so good that it ousted BMW at Lenovo.

Bright prospects.

Want to toast more success? 650% growth – check. Provider to leading Chinese companies – check. Partners and venture capitalists looking to invest – check. And just like with car2go in Germany, you can, of course, expect an expansion of the vehicle range: Mercedes-Benz GLAs and smart forfours will soon be cruising through the streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou. At the wheel will be the employees of companies such as Tencent, Skyworth, HP, Amazon, Philips, Huawei, Pfizer, JD, Xiaomi, Parkview Green and, of course, Daimler China. In October, a new major customer came aboard in the form of property company SOHO China – a real heavyweight in the field of real estate development. More than any other company, it is synonymous with the breathtaking architecture found in Beijing business districts such as Wangjing, Sanlitun and the China World Trade Center. Exclusive CAR2SHARE vehicles will soon be parked outside these impressive structures, waiting to bring their occupants to meetings in a safe and sustainable manner.

A lifestyle statement.

For many users, CAR2SHARE is already an expression of their status and their executive role, which allows them to successfully lead people and take momentous decisions. Adding the GLA to the fleet will sharpen the image even more. In black, this sleek urban SUV combines comfort with sustainability. CAR2SHARE is already a genuine alternative to public transport, taxis and chauffeur services, not least on account of its flexible rental tariffs, its minute-by-minute charges for short journeys and flat fees for weekend excursions. What’s more, CAR2SHARE is just as easy to use as car2go.

The only difference is that here, you collect the cars from – and return them to – designated parking spaces. Everything else is done online and is as easy as grabbing a coffee.

Von China lernen.

There are possibly a few things that can be learnt from the success of CAR2SHARE in China. Corporate car sharing made such a huge impact on this market because we worked closely with our clients. Our first client was also the key to our online activities in China. Tencent is the manufacturer of leading messenger app WeChat – and all payments are processed using the WeChatPay payment function. This has put CAR2SHARE at the heart of a huge online ecosystem.

Strong partnerships with local governments and their transport authorities also represent a cornerstone of all further business activities – and this is something that other business units will no doubt benefit from.

Here is a link to the official website of CAR2SHARE China.