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It’s simplicity itself.

Harmonious partnership can be yours with a couple of clicks. Our empirical analysis, your personal partnership profile and our unique matchmaker software makes your road to happiness clear. Get to know each other a little better and find the car that’s simply made to share countless miles and many happy days with you on the road. We have been making hearts beat faster since 1886: Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have already fallen in love thanks to Carship – and their numbers are growing every day. See for yourself – click here and complete the Carship questionnaire.

Just one click way from happiness.

Even though Carship is a fictional invention of the editors at taubenheim 13, it does reflect current trends. People hope to find a lifelong partner online. And this applies not only to personal relationships, but also to dream cars. By 2020, every third car will be bought online. Falling in love and finding true happiness seems to be easier on the web. On, a new single falls in love every 11 minutes. And the online vehicle selling platform lasciviously asks ‘Who’s the next one for you?’. It looks as if all we have to do is sit down at our computer and the next exciting love affair is already as good as found. The big players in the automobile industry have also by no means missed the boat. They also offer online showrooms and online configurators for cars. Love at first sight happens here, too – but is this a reason to tie the knot for the rest of your life? Algorithms promise a match made in heaven. On the face of it, it’s like personalised online marketing or a Google search result tailored to my specific dreams and desires. It is supposed to make my life easier – it fulfils my needs before I even know what they are. At least in the virtual world.

Everything is fine and dandy as long as I stick to the rules – in other words, the user journey defined by whoever developed it. But failure is assured for anyone with wishes that lie outside the bounds of the online mask – and belief in the algorithm is gone with the wind. Anyway, matchmaking simply can’t compete with a human instinct that has guided our lives and decisions for countless millennia - gut feeling. Singles make first dates, car buyers take test drives. Market research by McKinsey tells us that 82% of all car buyers in Germany, the UK, Italy, the USA and China want to take a test drivebefore they buy. On top of this, it also reveals that Germans are long-distance runners when it comes to relationships. Statistics from 2015 reveal that, on average, couples stay together for 15 years, and even the marriage to a car lasts 9.2 years - and both relationships are lasting longer as time goes on.

Smartphone Society.

The belief in algorithms originates from the days in which PCs were still nailed to the desktop and everyone learned the ins and outs of the Internet with the innocence of a child and bought shares in Deutsche Telekom. In the meantime, almost everyone has at least one smartphone or tablet. The search for personal happiness, whether for a single night or a lifetime, has gone mobile. Why bother spending 20 minutes filling out a Parship questionnaire or playing with an online car configurator and hoping to find a perfect, computerised match made in heaven with a maximum score when you could just as well switch on the single-radar app on your smartphone and find your potentially perfect partner right in the here and now.

Meet, get closer and let your gut feeling decide. Thank the deity of your choice that no machines will ever be able to emulate our instincts. When the love of your life stands before you, whether another person or a car, something must go ‘click!’. In chemical terms, we need the rush of endorphins. We need to float on cloud 9 and see the world through rose-tinted glasses to make us happy and willing to succumb. The word for this is passion.

Tinder for cars.

Maybe this idea flashes across your mind: ‘Not such a bad idea, a kind of Tinder for cars’. You’re right. Online shops and car configurators aside, what is needed is a solution that really fulfils the customers needs. Particularly the needs of younger customers who search the Internet for a car and wonder why the one they want is only available after a six-week wait and has to be picked up from a showroom. In the meantime, even Amazon sells cars.

Tinder for cars already exists. An app by the name of Wyper was rolled out in March 2016 and has been available in Germany for quite a while. Just sign up, switch on and swipe away to your heart’s content. The search for lifelong happiness or a moment of joy has never been so easy before. What remains, however, is our ultimate belief that nothing can rival the warm and wonderful feeling of having found our perfect partner – on legs or on wheels.