May I carry your shopping home for you?

Porter 4.0.

Where did all the gentlemen go? We hear far too often that hardly anyone today still holds a door open to let you through. In reality, however, things actually look a little different. Wherever you shop, you almost always find offers to deliver your purchases to your door.

It’s a bit like the return of the porters who used to carry our bags from the train, but now they carry the things of everyday life. No matter what, from household appliances and fast food to groceries – or even furniture – retailers are looking for ways to digitalise their business models. Retail outlets have to offer their customers logistics services in the same way as today’s car manufacturers have to be mobility providers. In this day and age, the notion is that when we shop, we get it delivered – ideally on the same day and by means of electric mobility. And this is precisely where various potentials lie waiting for mobility providers. Daimler has already come up with a number of interesting approaches like smart ready to drop, pacTris and the Vision Van – what now follows is the pilot phase of a brand new business idea – Mr Brings, the same-day delivery service.

The new local hero.

Mr Brings is where people need ‘him’ most in the highstreet, in malls and in shopping centres. Shoppers find a stand where they can deposit their purchases while they visit other shops, and can arrange to have them delivered to their door in the evening of the same day. It costs 4 euros to have your shopping safely and securely stored until your spending spree is over and then, for only 2 euros more, Mr Brings will deliver everything to your door.

The Mr Brings team discovered that customers are willing to pay six euros for a delivery service – an amount is less than the parking fees for the majority of parking lots in downtown Stuttgart. Plus, if there’s no need for a car to carry purchased items, customers can travel by train, bike or car2go.

Mr Brings will be stationed near local shops.

Mr Brings is the premiere delievery service for anyone that likes to shop locally and who enjoys wandering through stores. We’re talking about the kind of people that find inspiration in-store – those that want to touch and test items before buying. To make sure that these shops exist into the future, it is important that services like Mr Brings are able to facilitate the same carefree shopping experience that the internet is slowly taking over.

In the future, the plan is to provide customers with the ability to leave their purchases at the store and Mr Brings will go and collect them afterwards. It is a win-win-win for the consumer, the local retail business and the downtown core. This is a simple way for everyone to fight air pollution – especially in times where dust values are at critical levels – without compromising the shopping experience.

But Mr Brings comes with another advantage: retailers now have the ability to compete with online retail markets such as Amazon. Currently, same-day delivery of online shops is a service that is made exclusive to premium customers only while Mr Brings makes this service available for everyone.

One app for everything.

Mr Brings is of course well versed in the logistical wonders of our modern age. As might be expected, the customers’ logistics needs are fulfilled by an app. All they need to do to sign up for the service is enter their personal data and a few other details. Once signed up, it takes only a couple of clicks to initiate future deliveries. Mr Brings users can also track the status of their deliveries by app and see precisely where their purchases are at any given moment in time. The purchases they deposited earlier are delivered by a Mercedes-Benz electric van in the evening of the same day. Using the app is simplicity itself – after all, the idea is to make shopping easier, not to make shoppers’ lives more complicated.

Give the reindeer a rest, Santa has a new partner – Mr Brings.

Christmas begins on the 4th of November: the pre-Christmas period has begun, and the weekend will see considerably more than the usual 43,000 shoppers in Stuttgart’s retail heaven in and around Koenigstrasse. That’s the date shoppers can start handing over their purchases to Mr Brings: every Friday and Saturday until 17 December. To be precise, between 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of Koenigstrasse-Rotebuehlplatz on the Querspange. Deliveries can be made to all households within the 70*** postcode area of the city.

Pedestrians can sign up for the service at the Mr Brings stand and find out more about its advantages: It saves customers time and prevents shopping stress. It also increases the quality of life in the city by helping to reduce traffic congestion and fine particulate emissions. After all, if you have nothing to carry, you can leave your car at home, take the tram or a bus, ride your bike or take advantage of car2go.

Mr Brings is another building block of the new Daimler mobility-economy. It realises essential aspects of CASE, the new corporate strategy. Together with its partners – CAR2SHARE cargo and Tiramizoo – it takes the next step in the direction of fully connected and sustainable urban logistics. The utilisation of the Daimler Shared Fleet avoids the need to set up a completely new fleet of vehicles and relies entirely on existing assets and resources.

The battle of the delivery giants.

Pessimists may have their doubts as to whether Mr Brings has a chance of success in the highly competitive delivery market. The pilot project will not only deliver customers’ shopping, but also hard facts – the only effective way to combat such doubts and preconceptions. It’s clear from the outset that it’s not going to be easy task. Highstreet stores and shops are fighting for every single customer they can get. The same delivery service offered by Mr Brings could be just what they need. With Christmas just around the corner, a helping hand like Mr Brings could be just the thing for you. Or can you honestly say that you find everything you need online?