Propulsion with double acceleration.

2. Selection Day.

On February 10, 2017, STARTUP AUTOBAHN started its next round. With program 2, the accelerator is expanding into new dimensions: the number of participating startups has been more than doubled, influential members added to the partner community and the startup acceleration was refined like it would be for a Formula 1 fast car. For the first time, there will be a pilot lane alongside the acceleration lane. Double potential for high-performance business ideas, and real challenges for top products that will be presented on July 17, 2017 on the second Expo Day of STARTUP AUTOBAHN.

“To us, people with well-developed inventive talent are most important, and we want to support them here in Stuttgart, birthplace of the automobile. The only topic is mobility – in the broadest sense. We offer founders an inspiring environment with lots of room for creativity, professional mentoring, and access to a global network within our research and development activities.” Ola Källenius, member of the board of Daimler AG

28 lightning starters.

On February 10, it was time: out of hundreds of applicants, 36 startups made it into the preselection for Selection Day. The entrepreneurs battled for the favor of the jury and public in front of 250 invited guests. The 28 winners, who are now allowed to spend 100 days in ARENA2036, are presenting innovations that will have a determining influence on the future of mobility. The entire spectrum of issues was covered – from connectivity to autonomic driving, digital services, and the establishment of Industry 4.0 standards. Keywords like blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality quickly made their way from the stage to the audience. The new participants may not have attracted much attention yet, but their successful pitches at the STARTUP-AUTOBAHN clearly highlight their potential.

Ladies and Gentlemen, give a warm welcome to: Bernstein, BigChainDB, BlueInductive, Dear Reality, Fibres, Fluid Logistics, GuardKnox, Holo-Light, Ideafox, iNDTact, innoviz, Jetlite, Kreatize, Memobase, microps, Physiosense, Pomp, ProductiveMobile, Quantoz, R3Communications, Re'flekt, Relimetrics, renumics, siOPTICA, SUSI&James, Truphysics, TwentyBN and What3Words.

Twin-pack turbo.

Is quality the only thing that matters? People who are not ready for their own pilots will first receive intense preparation and specialist knowledge for success in the fast lane. Here, mentors teach participants everything they need to know to create watertight business models and win over additional investors. For all the participating start-ups that already know every trick in the book, the primary goal is testing, testing, testing – and benefiting from exchanges with the Daimler Research and Development Community. Market maturity can be reached only through precise piloting. Everybody who participates in the pilot program (Pilot Lane) meets once a month for focus weeks, which are like shark tanks observed by experts and top managers, so-called VIP mentors.

It sounds like there will be exciting developments, and we are already looking forward to July 17, 2017 with great expectations.