Road trip: The Kitsukawa couple always drive in front in the 300 SL and determine the direction.

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Dear Classic Fans,

do you know our Classic Community code? It goes like this: 5, 48, 82, 120,000, 175,000+. What do these numbers mean? On the five continents on Earth and in 48 countries there are currently 82 official Mercedes-Benz Clubs with around 120,000 active members. These members own and drive some 175,000 Mercedes-Benz classics or young classics and yet more used and new models. 

Club members and many more three-pointed star enthusiasts in Europe and Africa, Asia, America and Australia are readers of our Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine. It currently reaches its fans and subscribers in 84 countries. Just one of the reasons why we produce our Magazine stories for you all over the world. Always authentic, with you in mind and with a huge amount of passion.

Our motto is like a classic with the three-pointed star: Anything but ordinary!

Abfahrbereit: Der Ehrenpräsident des Mercedes-Benz Club Japan ist bereit für die große Inseltour.

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