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Felix Jaehn: The DJ & producer.

Felix Jaehn has taken the international music scene by storm. With his extraordinary feel for melody, the DJ and producer has released a string of hits that have topped the charts around the world. With many gold and platinum records to his name, he is setting new standards in the industry.

Taking inspiration from his experiences touring the world, Jaehn has created a signature sound that runs through all his tracks and live sets. He has struck a chord with a multi-generational community of music fans who avidly follow him on social media and music channels. Jaehn’s skills are largely self-taught, but built on his classical violin training and his studies at the Point Black Music School.

Felix Jaehn: The DJ & Producer.
Felix Jaehn: The DJ & Producer.

Phenomenal live performances.

Today, the brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz thrills audiences around the world with his phenomenal live performances. After travelling and touring, the multi-talented musician seeks relaxation at his home on the Baltic coast. Here he finds the peace and quiet he needs to work on new material.

Felix Jaehn embodies the spirit of a new generation of young DJs and musicians who are meeting the radical changes in the music industry with intelligence and insight. “You only have a chance if you fight for your dreams.”

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