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Sebastian Steudtner: The Big Wave Surfer.

It was his passion for water that made Sebastian Steudtner leave his hometown of Nuremberg at the age of 16. His dream of a free, independent life according to his own rules led him to Hawaii where he got to know big wave surfing. The long road to becoming a surfer in the monster class wasn’t easy for Sebastian Steudtner, but no alternative life plan really appealed to him. For years, he mastered the waves with focused endurance and tremendous patience. His perseverance in achieving his dream was rewarded: In the bay of Nazaré, he surfed the biggest wave of 2015, over 21 metres high, and won the XXL Biggest Wave Award for the second time. Some big wave surfers like Sebastian Steudtner wait years before encountering these spectacles of nature weighing up to 500,000 tons. But he still needs daily training, top fitness, and innovative advancement of his equipment for this extreme sport. In the dangerous duel with a one-of-a-kind wave, man, nature, and equipment must work together perfectly as a matter of survival. The daring extreme athlete needs to be able to rely on this synergy one-hundred percent.

With his “anything is possible” mentality, Sebastian Steudtner not only inspires those who love sports but also motivates others to courageously follow their dreams.

Sebastian Steudtner.