• Discover the Spreewald.

Discover the Spreewald.

This route promises a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital, as it passes through historic Potsdam and then through endless fields and deep forests. At the first stop in Beelitz, you’ll be enchanted by the morbid-spooky charm of the former sanatoriums: the abandoned hospital complex has served as a backdrop for several film productions. Afterwards, it's off to the Johannismühle Wildlife Park in Klasdorf, where 500 animals from roughly 50 different species including the European bison, brown bear, and lynx have found a home. And finally, a romantic canoe trip in Spreewald rounds out this eventful excursion.


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Siegessäule Berlin.

The Siegessäule (Victory Column) on the Great Star in the middle of Berlin's Tiergarten was built from 1864 to 1873 as a national monument to the wars of unification based on a design by Heinrich Strack.


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Schloss Sanscoussi Potsdam.

Sanssouci Palace is located in the eastern part of the Sanssouci Park and is one of the most famous Hohenzollern palaces in the Brandenburg capital of Potsdam. The Prussian King Frederick II also had a small rococo summer palace built here between 1745-1747, based on his own sketches.


Heilstätten Beelitz.

The Beelitz-Heilstätten was built between 1898 and 1930 by the Landesversicherungsanstalt Berlin, form one of the largest hospital complexes in Berlin's hinterland. It is a listed ensemble of 60 buildings erected on a total area of approximately 200 hectares.


Wildpark Johannismühle.

You can experience many animals in this gigantic open space (covering over 100 hectares) comprised of diverse forest, meadows, and ponds.


Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 SB: fuel consumption combined: 5,4 l/100km; CO2 emission combined: 125 g/km.


The Spreewald is an extensive lowland area and a historical man-made landscape in the southeast part of the state of Brandenburg. The main feature is a natural branch of the river Spree, which has been significantly extended by construction of canals.


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