• The lakes and mountains of Berchtesgaden.

The lakes and mountains of Berchtesgaden.

The Berchtesgaden region has much to offer, both for fans of winding roads and nature lovers. On the way from Sylvenstein Dam to Plansee, discover the crystal clear Isar River, magnificent observation points, fantastic hiking trails, and idyllic villages such as Ettal, which is perfect for a lengthy pitstop.

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Sylvenstein Dam.

Sylvenstein Dam entices visitors with its crystal clear blue water. If the weather is good, you can take in the breathtaking surroundings by planning a walk or picnic by the lake. Back behind the wheel, you'll be guided around beautiful winding bends in a thick forest of evergreens.


Toll road Vorderriß-Wallgau.

You'll head westward on Toll road Vorderriß-Wallgau along the Isar River. As you cross the bridges of this road, you're bound to catch a glimpse of the turquoise headwaters of the Isar. A breathtaking view awaits near the end of the road.


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Mittenwald – viewing point Karwendelspitze.

As you make your way towards Mittenwald, stop off in the Karwendel mountains to explore the region's many hiking trails. If you'd like to take in the spectacular view from the top of the mountain, you can ride the gondola up to the western peak.


Ettal Abbey.

After getting your fill of the mountains, head to Ettal Abbey and sit down to a delicious local beer. From Ettal, it's just a few delightful bends to Plansee. However, you may wish to spend the night in this idyllic town instead. Insider tip: nothing beats the hiking trails of the Ettal forest.




Plansee lake is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. The majestic scenery of the Plansee region can be admired from your car while driving along the winding roads or from a boat as you glide across the crystal clear water of the lake.


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