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    The Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.


A lot has changed since Warren Avis began his journey back in 1946, but what hasn’t is the way Avis do things. For over 50 years, the company’s mantra has been “We Try Harder”. Avis offers unrivalled services from the moment customers visit the website to the moment they hand back the car keys.

Avis offers vehicles at approximately 5,450 rental stations in more than 165 countries, so if you are looking for an extended test drive of a new Mercedes-Benz, whether travelling for business or pleasure, Avis will be there – still trying harder to unlock unforgettable experiences.

Drive & Discover: Both Avis and Mercedes-Benz share a passion for unique and fascinating routes. Start exploring some of the world’s most beautiful routes with Mercedes-Benz and “Avis Best Road”.