Kitzbühel Country Club, Kitzbühel, Austria.

Interview with Richard Hauser, founder & owner.

For over ten years, Richard Hauser worked on the idea of Austria’s first private members club before he opened the Kitzbühel Country Club in 2013. Prior to this, the Kitzbühel native directed the organic wellness hotel Stanglwirt for 20 years with his father Balthasar. Which is why he knows exactly what kind of exclusive services his club members appreciate with regard to cuisine, lodging, well-being, and culture.

Richard Hauser, founder & owner of the Kitzbühel Country Club in Austria, a “Private Members Club”.

The Kitzbühel Country Club is a “Private Members Club”. What inspired you to found it?

Kitzbühel has a social quality and internationality that is just about unparalleled by any other alpine destination in the world. I wanted to create a meeting place that embodies the modern alpine lifestyle and that also ties what is local and international. This is a place where people with similar interests can gather and experience something exceptional. The many celebrities who reside in the region very much appreciate having their club right at their doorstep, 365 days a year, with a restaurant, spa, cultural programme, and international connections to the partner clubs. But, naturally, we would also like for our offers to appeal to visitors who come one or several times a year. 

Is it possible to use the club’s services as a non-member and get to know it this way?

The club and its diverse services are exclusively open to members. One of our suites can be used by non-members when they sign up to be a “temporary member”. You can receive this kind of membership when you have been recommended by a club member for a member suite booking and have been approved by the club committee. However, our members can invite visitors to the club at any time, which gives them the opportunity to get to know the club life. Many then apply for club membership themselves. 

In your personal experience, what are the advantages of club life? 

For our members, the club should feel, above all, like home – with all the convenience, exquisite cuisine, unique suites, a luxurious spa with a natural stone pool, fitness offers, Mercedes-Benz shuttle service, and much more. But especially our events like lectures, music concerts, vernissages, hiking trips, and excursions of all kinds enrich the experience.

The Country Club offers an incredibly diverse event programme. What topics are most important for the Kitzbühel Country Club? 

It’s the mix that we love most! Health, philosophy, business, culture, party, etc. – the whole spectrum of a happy life.

What role do the cooperation partners of the club play and what advantages result for your members?

We only enter partnerships that seem “right” to us and from which our members can benefit. This has paved a path that all of our members can utilize as they please. Our partners are just as diverse as our members: whether jewelry store, medical spa, business & management workshops, financial consulting, or a first-class chauffeur service. The club life is also positively enriched by the presence of international celebrities from other private member clubs.