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Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz is an innovative prototype format where art, content, creativity and digitization seamlessly blend into one big brand experience platform.

Spread across 400 sqm, Studio Odeonsplatz is a connected physical and digital space and our answer to the future of commercial brand spaces. We bring this media space to life with ever-changing campaigns, unique thematic stories and cutting-edge installations – in collaboration with leading designers, artists, technologists and makers. It's topped off with a coworking and community area, as well as premium hospitality provided at the deli bar in collaboration with Michelin-starred Mural Restaurant.



The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing in the Studio Odeonsplatz in Munich.

Evoking the spirit of new beginnings by harnessing nature’s infinite power of renewal, this concept creates a modern, seasonal space in a curated collaboration with Ruby Barber, the founder and creative director of Mary Lennox Studio. With her celebrated label, Ruby’s work is focused on the beauty, mystery and rejuvenating qualities of nature. The flower artist will create a dedicated botanical art piece for the space that will bring to life the notion of awakening. 

The motif encourages fresh new visions by igniting an inner glow and offering a natural reset for body and mind. It takes visitors on a journey, from awareness to arising to awakening, empowering to break free from old habits, moods and patterns to make way for what comes next, whether it’s innovation, future visions or personal development. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has shown, the point of transcendence arises when people are following their inner drive to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to humanity. 

As each new day is marked by the dawn’s clean slate, this concept imbues the New Year moment with fresh hope. A period of deep reflection has brought about new insights and fresh perspectives and has revealed what’s left when everything else is stripped away. Beyond the pressure to perform, there is a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and identity. Now is the time to build upon these foundations.




The Mirror Transit Installation by Studio of Wonders during the Silver Garage Campaign in the Studio Odeonsplatz.

Silver Garage was a thematic story of innovation and creativity, and an incubator of inner drive. In motorsport, Mercedes Benz’s Silver Arrow pioneered a new era of high performance through masterful engineering and design. Almost a century later, this spirit of innovation infuses successor models with that same dedication to excellence. From car culture to art to design, silver stands for lightness, freedom, speed and clarity. It represents coolness and reserve – making room for personal footprints that fill a space with life – and was beloved of Andy Warhol, whose Silver Era saw the creation of iconic pieces in his legendary Factory, a hip hangout for creatives of all kinds. 

The garage aspect was all about the grassroots origins of innovation, harnessing the spirit of the zeitgeist to solve challenges and sculpt the future. From the big tech companies born in a garage (along with Daimler, whose initial HQ was a garden house) to garage bands that make bare, honest music, the garage is a totem of authenticity, creativity and future-gazing. The combination therefore embodied the values of freedom and openness of silver while seizing the spirit of innovation and maker optimism of the garage.

The first campaign featured a collaboration and co-creation with Studio of Wonders, the acclaimed interactive experience lab in Berlin, who translated the overall theme to interactive visual statements, where visitors could dwell in stunning moments and become part of the set design themselves. The vision was to create a space for a diverse audience and empower visitors to follow their curiosity through the lens of their cameras.


The entrance of the Studio Odeonsplatz in Munich.

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Studio Odeonsplatz
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