My Community - Mercedes me.

My Community.

“Looking for answers? The Mercedes-Benz Community is on hand to help.”

“Looking for answers? If I have a question, I turn to the Mercedes-Benz Community.”

The Mercedes-Benz forum, a hub for questions, answers and discussions around the brand and car-related issues, is where you can pose your own questions or share interesting insights with other fans of Mercedes-Benz.

My Community - Mercedes me.

With more than 7,000 users exchanging opinions, experiences and information on this busy digital platform, the community encourages enthusiasts to discuss products, services and the latest trends – or simply ask others for help and share invaluable advice.

My Community - Mercedes me.

A hub and platform for everything automotive.

Depending on individual interest and need, users can choose from several forums and communities dedicated to car or brand related topics. Do you require help with your vehicle or a specific mobility service? Then contact the “Mercedes-Benz helps!” support forums with direct access to customer service specialists, external experts and experienced fans. And while members of the brand’s 80 official clubs enjoy a lively exchange in the Mercedes-Benz club community, the Business Innovation Communities are all about future themes and ideas. A lot of these forums and communities are available in your native language – all others will offer an English-language version.

Your shortcut to the right answer.

Naturally, you are free to search our comprehensive FAQ data base for specific questions or issues to pinpoint your desired answer straight away. After all, many questions are asked by several users, with previous answers just a few keystrokes (and search queries) away. Data base access is free of charge and available via Mercedes me log-in, Facebook Connect or your international Mercedes-Benz ClubCard ID.

My Community - Mercedes me.
My Community - Mercedes me.

An enriching experience.

Being part of the community expands your horizon. And allows you to experience the enriching exchange with other members.

Become part of our community – and thus part of an enthusiastic network based on a shared love of automotive excellence.

My Community

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