One Team. One Vision. One Race Hub DTM.

“Only the pilots themselves are this close to the action – My Race Hub DTM turns racing into a spine-tingling front row experience.”

The perfect DTM prep.

My Race Hub DTM takes the Mercedes-Benz real-time customised race experience to the next level – and promises a real treat with its excitement-fuelled mix of insights, facts, statistics, multimedia and on-the-spot live reporting.

Before, during and after the race, the handy hub supplies you with anything a full-blooded motorsport fan might wish to see or know about his fast-paced icons: Access extensive data on all DTM drivers, tracks and races, enriched with real-time social media contents, videos, interviews and select fan contributions.

The warm-up.

To get you in the racing mood, a wealth of information on the upcoming race plus news, statistics, images, videos, links and social media are only a few clicks away. Not to forget in-depth information on every single track, since these can make or break a race: Often enough, a single bend or final straight will decide who gets to spill the champagne. Also part of the package: Everything you need to know about past races and the participating teams, cars and pilots – including autographed digital profiles.

The race is on.

The clock is ticking? Once the race gets going, My Race Hub really comes into its own – with lightning-fast real-time information on the supercharged action. You decide what takes pole position on your screen: Your favourite driver (including exact sector and lap times) or the entire MB team? Just click on a helmet to find out more about the selected high-speed hero.  How is he doing in the race? Who is immediately ahead or behind? At any time during the race, the hub not only displays precise gap to nearby drivers, but also lets you know if lap times have changed or improved.

Real-time facts.

During an active race, strategic minds will also enjoy some facts on the track– naturally, the handy live view keeps driver positions, distances and countdown always in sight. For added context, view the key weather indicators that could influence the outcome – air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and track temperature have all been known to swing a race.

And to keep an eye on the overall situation, you can also check the current season’s ranking, sorted by driver, team, manufacturer or fastest pit stop.

Seamless integration.

Social media contents crank up the excitement: While Mercedes-Benz DTM Radio provides a live stream and commentary of the race plus vox pops from qualifying and extensive reporting, the Mercedes-Benz DTM Video Corner adds clips and on-site interviews to the mix.

Now, there is only one thing missing from this dynamic blend of live broadcasts, fun facts and background information: your own input and opinion. Show what you know in our high-octane expert quiz or share your thoughts on vital DTM topics. We are all set – are you ready to go full throttle?

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