A Look Toward the Future of Energy Storage: The Promise of Energy Independence.

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Producing renewable electricity is most commonly associated with wind and solar power, and although these power sources are clean, they can also be unreliable: too little supply when it becomes dark, on a cloudy or a windless day, or too much – when the sun shines strong for hours on end or mighty winds blow from around the globe without sign of stopping. As these power sources become more important to our energy economy, so does investment in modern technology to store the energy produced when there’s an abundance of storable strength on hand.

Innovative new energy storage systems for businesses and private customers — powered by lithium-ion batteries commonly found in electric vehicles — are now able to efficiently store and release energy as it as needed, providing a continuous flow of green energy on demand. Lithium-ion energy storage systems are at the ready to provide complete freedom to consumers: imagine being able to use your household appliances under battery power — without concern for the need to recharge or worry about your energy running dry, even under heavy use of multiple appliances at the same time while recharging your electric vehicle.

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For businesses and consumers alike, the benefits of advanced battery technology are endless: protection against fluctuating energy costs translates to huge savings, cleaner energy, increased independence and more reliable availability during periods of high demand due to weather conditions.

To learn more about the technology behind lithium-ion powered energy storage systems and the Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage, visit (German) and drop by the Deutsche ACCUmotive booth at the Intersolar Europe exhibit in Munich from June 10-12.

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