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Fact: More than eight million parcels are shipped daily within Germany alone. Business reality: Customers whose orders drive this logistics demand want to receive those parcels as quickly as possible, oftentimes on the same day they’ve been ordered. The situation poses an ever-growing set of challenges for transport companies to master. Broadening challenges in today’s market call for innovative solutions, but what kind of solution could deliver the necessary flexibility and efficiency to help service providers better master these challenges? Allow us to introduce: CAR2SHARE cargo.

CAR2SHARE cargo offers logistics companies three distinctive solutions for working more efficiently and as flexibly than ever before: the ultimate goal is optimal orchestration of all order processes and supply chain management. What exactly makes CAR2SHARE cargo the perfect fit? Three solutions comprise CAR2SHARE cargo’s unique offering: “Smart Van”, “Courier Assist” and the “Virtual Fleet”.

A “Smart Van” is an intelligent van — e.g. the Mercedes-Benz Vito or Sprinter — made available to the service provider upon demand without any time-consuming key hand-over appointments or complicated order administration — the vans can, similar to other car-sharing initiatives, be opened and locked via smartphone offering flexibility and ease of use. Once the driver has opened the van, assignments are listed automatically and the fastest way to their relative destinations are preset in the vehicle’s navigation system.

At work behind-the-scenes is “Courier Assist”, a platform that facilitates digital fleet administration and the scheduling of drivers by automatically suggesting the most optimum matrix for driver and vehicle assignment across the network. Shipping companies access and control the platform via computer or mobile app.

In addition, the integrated “Virtual Fleet” technology offers demand forecasting tools which assess order vs. capacity scenarios and help operators adjust resource planning based on supply and demand. The result? Additional vehicles when they’re needed during peak times — driving customer and employee satisfaction — and more efficient fleet planning when volume tapers off, better serving the bottom line. The “Virtual Fleet” offers “Smart Vans” available for billing on a per-minute basis.

„Ping Pong Powerplay“

With CAR2SHARE cargo, the future of logistics is here today. Check out our video to see how the program works to innovatively improve the world of transport, illustrated by a “Ping Pong Powerplay”!

Making-of „Ping Pong Powerplay“

For every video, there’s a making-of. In our video “Ping Pong Powerplay” 18 actors and as many set hands produced 4 hours of footage within 2 days – including a very sweet surprise at the end!



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