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Owning a pristine classic car is a dream that many share. But with all the pleasure that comes from a Sunday drive or an after-work cruise, the amount of time, money and energy spent maintaining the vehicle can cut down on that joy. What if you could have all the fun of driving a beautiful classic, but without the extra effort? Now there’s a way: it’s called “Legends” – the Classic Car Club of Mercedes-Benz.

Car-sharing at legendary levels.

A young team member devised the idea of Legends. Essentially, he took the passion for Mercedes-Benz classics and combined it with the concept of contemporary car sharing, which gave rise to this novel idea. Using Mercedes-Benz heritage as the driving force, Business Innovation will continue to develop new business opportunities in the same fashion. No matter the year – young- or old-timer – each member of the fleet is incredibly special and has no equal. Here you’ll find modern classics including the most beautiful cars from the sixties and seventies. Founded in October 2015, the Classic Car Club offers members access to a local selection of at least 30 Mercedes-Benz classics as well as other models from brands such as Porsche or Austin Healey.

Booking of the desired car is easily done via an app that provides real-time availability info. The result is a perfect trip - a dream car in top condition with no worries. Club staff is responsible for servicing the models - each club with years of experience in the care and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz and other classic cars. In addition, Legends offers members exclusive events for those who love classic cars. Whether it’s trips or rallies, social evenings or workshops - or simply a chance to deepen skills and knowledge - Legends is the place for Mercedes-Benz classic fans. The only the question that remains is which will you drive first? Prefer a 300 SL or an E 500? Either might be your first choice, but certainly not your only option - the selection is large and growing steadily.

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In October 2015, the first Classic Car Club in Sindelfingen opened its doors. In the spring of 2016 an additional location opens in Hamburg with other cities to follow. Partners are currently being sought to prepare for a rollout of Legends clubs globally. All information about legends, the fleet, events and more, can be found here.

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