Everything you may have missed: Highlights from the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2015.

Mobility: Taking you where you want to go.

This year’s IAA has come to a close. A good chance to reflect not only on the stars of the show – the vehicles themselves – but also on the exciting contemporary nature of Business Innovation. This year, 10 projects were presented on subjects ranging from mobility and accessibility, to empowering women and renewable energy.

In case you weren’t able to make it to the IAA or you missed one of these exhilarating projects, we’d proudly like to share a brief overview of these projects so you can join in and discover them for yourself in our video!

It doesn’t always make sense to drive your own vehicle especially when there are other options at your disposal - car sharing, taxis and public transport to name a few. Using multiple forms of transport, depending on the situation makes it easier to get you where you’re going in the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way possible. Three mobility projects that were originally found by Business Innovation were presented at the IAA this year: car2go, moovel and Mercedes-Benz Rent.

You can find all of the information about these and other mobility projects from Daimler Business Innovation here.

Accessibility: Getting everyone on the road.

Mercedes-Benz makes it easy for anyone to get on the road regardless of their experience or physical limitations. Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy helps teens learn to drive by teaching them the skills necessary to be prepared on the road.

While Mercedes-Benz ex-factory driving aids offers a broad range of devices to assist people with varying physical disabilities - where limitations in your body shouldn’t limit your accessibility to driving.

New age technology: In practical forms.

The following projects will make your life easier and more connected at the push of a button. Whether that’s connecting with other women around the world (She’s Mercedes), helping warm your vehicle on a cold winter days (Mercedes me) or simply decreasing your energy bill (Mercedes-Benz energy storage), these concepts are primed to be used well into the future.

The lifestyle configurator works by allowing a customer to choose elements from their individual life – from their home furnishings and travel preferences to their musical tastes and sports teams – and turns that information into the right Mercedes-Benz vehicle for them – including equipment. Read more about the lifestyle configurator here.

pacTris is the app that promises to simplify packing the vehicle. From being the winner at Digital Life Day 2015 to its current beta testing, this app promises to pack a punch.

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