Interview with Matthias Schweighöfer.

About diversity and kebab at sunrise.

Matthias, for some years now you have been active not only in front of but also behind the camera. Many of the films you have (co-)produced are set in Berlin – what is it about this city that fascinates you? Above all, I value its great diversity. In Berlin, you can see everything and meet everyone – you can withdraw, or really throw yourself into all the goings-on. It only takes a few minutes to leave the traffic jams and noise of the big city behind you and be out in the middle of nature, standing by a horse paddock or feeding the ducks by a lake.

Your friends come and visit you in Berlin for a mini-break. What do you recommend they do and see? In Berlin, I prefer the traditional over the hip. I am fascinated by the city's mighty, historical buildings, such as the Berliner Dom and ensemble of buildings at the Museumsinsel, designed by renowned architects. I also love simply driving through the city in my car. But a walk by the River Spree, a stroll through the art market or Christmas market, dinner followed by drinks, or a doner kebab at the Rosenthaler Platz shortly before sunrise all provide beautiful moments.

Where are the prettiest spots in summer, and what are your recommendations for winter? When the weather is fine, there are beautiful places to go for a walk or swim in the surrounding countryside or in the city itself. An outing to the Müggelsee, Schlachtensee or Herthasee lakes is rewarding at almost any time of year. In the city itself, I like to just sit in a café. On snowy days, my favourite thing to do is spend time with my family at our farm, located in the countryside outside Berlin. We can go sledging for hours here.

About spectacular roof terraces and practicality.

Where can one enjoy a spectacular view of the city? The large roof-terrace of the ‘Weekend Club’ right by the Alexanderplatz offers a unique panoramic view of Berlin.


What do you like best about Berlin’s cuisine? How down to earth it is. I don’t need any elaborately decorated plates of astronauts’ food. I would give anything for a good Schnitzel, a Berlin Currywurst or home-made goulash. My favourite meal is potatoes boiled in their jackets and served with curd cheese and linseed oil – a classic dish from the nearby Spreewald area.


Escaping the city: what are your ‘recommended tours’ for a Sunday outing? The Berlin districts of Köpenick and Alt Stralau are beautiful destinations for a relaxing walk. For outings in the car, I recommend a trip to Nauen in the stunningly beautiful Havelland, or a trip to Buckow in the Märkische Schweiz, with its many lakes and cozy little restaurants. The Spreewald is also worth an outing, and has plenty to offer – no matter whether you want to go canoing, swimming, or running through the fields.


Thanks for the interview!



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